The End of an Era

Dear Beta Bridge (Almost) Daily Fans,

I started this site in 2009 when I came back to Charlottesville for grad school at UVA.  I bike commuted past Beta Bridge most days and soon realized there was a constant stream of stories and art being created and subsequently covered, like sedimentary layers of paint.  I decided to bring my camera along with me on my bike and document the ever-changing canvas of Beta Bridge, and so this site was born.  Over time it gained lots of positive reactions and was featured in places like Virginia Magazine (and here).

I ran this site and kept up with photos until 2015, when I left Charlottesville to go on a journey to visit all 59 US National Parks in 59 weeks for the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service (  I unceremoniously left the site in its existing state, and am finally getting around to writing this quick post to explain its ending.  I plan on leaving this site up as long as possible as a record of about 6 years of paintings on Beta Bridge.

The good news is that the UVA Photography Club, of which I am a former member, has taken up the cause of continuing this project.  They post photos on their Facebook page, Beta Bridge Daily, and (it seems less frequently) on a corresponding Tumblr page,  If I ever move back to Charlottesville, I may resurrect the site, but most likely I will let the folks over at the Photography Club carry the torch.




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