Groh Must Go

No new paint on the bridge today, but recently an avid BBAD reader had a flashback to memories of an old painting and sent me the following story, so I thought I’d share.

Back in Fall, 2007, a few frat bros of mine made Washington Post headlines for painting Beta Bridge.  Following UVA’s season opener loss to Wyoming, they painted Beta Bridge, famously, with “$1.7 Million: Groh Must Go” calling for Virginia to fire famed head coach, Al Groh.



The slogan “Groh Must Go” was then reused by several sports outlets the following season, eventually resulting in Al Groh’s firing.  

This evidences the power of Beta Bridge, and thought you might want to include this little flashback on your website.

I’ve found that indeed this was spread across the web.  Here’s (what I think is) the Washington Post article on it.  This site notes that despite the Groh Must Go campaign, he was actually named ACC coach of the year in 2007.

Got any flashbacks of your own to share from your old days at the University?  Shoot them over my way and I’ll post! (Especially if you have pictures.)


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