Iran 180

The west side has some interesting art on it today:

Are those grapes?

The east side did have an ad for the upcoming Bruce Springsteen concert on it, but that got painted over in the morning:


When they finished, their painting was for an anti-Iranian campaign, having to do with the UN meeting in New York:


I checked out the website for Iran 180 and it looks like they are mostly concerned with Iran’s human rights record.  However, there are some extreme elements voicing their opinions with their #UNwelcome hashtag, coming from people concerned about Israel.  Here is an example of one such tweet displayed on the Iran 180 website:

IsraeliZionist: is calling for the #assassination of #MahmoudAhmadinejad while the #Islamofascist enemy is on #American soil this week. #iran #unwelcome

Besides the extreme use of hashtags, it’s really disappointing to see people ratcheting up the talk of violence.  How can we ever solve peace in the middle east when the solutions people propose are centered on killing?


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