The Yellow Journal

Today’s austere yellow painting comes from The Yellow Journal, an Onion-esque publication with a slogan of “Definitely Inaccurate Since 1912.”  I’ve never heard about it before, but  I took a look at their website and it’s actually quite well done, as far as UVA-based news satire goes. (In fact, I’d say it’s at the top of that niche category!)  Looks like it actually does date back to 1912, and it’s just recently been revived.  Keep your eye on this one!


The little face logo landed all over the bridge, including on the columns and sidewalk:

The Yellow Journal logo.


The face logo on another column.

The painters put up a hashtag for The YJ but it looks like it hasn’t gotten a lot of use yet:


Finally, there was a USA chant placed on the Peace in the Middle East painting, which I’m assuming was done in satire by the YJ folks:



3 responses to “The Yellow Journal

  1. The “USA” was actually done before the yellow journal wrote on message. I don’t understand what it means but I would love some clarification from both the yellow journal and the person responsible for the “USA”


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