Pose for Popsicles

Those co-ed honor frat kids are at it again:

RUSH ΦΣπ 9/10 at 7pm Newcomb & 9/12 at 8pm SAB CO-ED HONOR FRATERNITY

There were two guys in UVA sports gear taking pictures of the bridge today, and I asked them what they were up to — they were taking photos/video for the background of the Cavman videos that play at the beginning of UVA football home games.  The video will be used at the Louisiana Tech game on 9/29, however I wouldn’t necessarily expect today’s paint to show up in it (note that in the linked video above, they digitally painted the bridge as an ad for the football game).

On the west side, an ad for U-guides:


Call me Dexter, but I liked the splatter of the red paint here:

Nice splattering.

At around noon, something interesting happened — three ladies dressed identically in pink and black yoga gear showed up to hand out free popsicles in exchange for poses.  I kid you not:

POSE for POPsicles

Then I think their first takers were these two guys:

Well done, sir.

This young recruit executed a textbook backflip.  It was pretty wicked and I wish I could do that, but to be fair, that’s not really a pose (since a pose implies a lack of movement and well, a backflip is the opposite of that).  Then, his friend did one too!  I’m telling you, hang out on Beta Bridge long enough and you will start to see some weird stuff.

I asked the ladies why they were doing this and they said, “Just for fun.”  That seemed pretty awesome to me, so I figured they were just doing it for fun.  However I inspected their posters later:

Popsicle poser poster.

The posters are highly motivational, uplifting, and at times confusing, even proclaiming things like, “Children are the orgasm of life.” (I swear it says that, zoom in on the lower left side.)  However I couldn’t help but feel there was an ulterior motive here… then I saw at the bottom of the poster it says something about lululemon athletica. Ah-ha! They are trying to sell yoga clothes and are probably from the local store.  Well, that’s still cool, because they were getting people to do backflips for popsicles on Beta Bridge.

Last (chronologically) but certainly not least, congratulations to my two good friends Sophie and Jack on their engagement:

Sophie & Jack June 29, 2013 THX β


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