Obama traffic jam

If you live in Charlottesville and your number one electoral issue this year is traffic, then maybe Obama just lost your vote.  Here was the scene today on Beta Bridge, looking down Rugby Road:

Standing on Beta Bridge, looking south down Rugby

Good thing there was no new paint today, because it would have been awfully difficult to get pictures of it with all those cars and buses in the way.  It was basically a parking lot in both directions.

Similarly crowded was the pedestrian traffic on the Downtown Mall, where the line to get into Obama’s rally literally stretched from the Pavilion to the ice rink, and that’s when I showed up at 2pm (gates supposedly opened at 1).


Unfortunately, showing up that late means you get a really bad spot on the lawn, and with no zoom lens, the view of the president looked kind of like this:

View of Obama from the lawn of the Pavilion

This was my first presidential campaign rally and it was interesting to see live with all the crowd enthusiasm, but honestly if you want to hear what he has to say, it’s pretty much the same as you’ll find on cable news coverage/internet video of any other recent stump speech.  Kind of neat when the head of the nation’s executive branch visits your town though.


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