___ Must Go!

Someone disagreed with the idea that Helen Dragas needs to go and edited the paint that had been up since last week:

MUST GO !!!!!

Note that this came on the day of the final Board meeting on the matter.  I say final because Gov. McDonnell threatened to fire all of them if they didn’t resolve it today.  Watch the meeting live at 3pm:  http://www.virginia.edu/bov/live/

—Update:  censorship defiance has be declared in Sharpie:


Over at the Rotunda, the news vans are already gathered in anticipation of the afternoon’s events (~1:30pm):

News crews already in place for the BoV meeting and associated protest.

—Update 2:  The Board of Visitors just met and to my surprise decided to reinstate Teresa Sullivan as President.  As I watched the live stream of the meeting (approximately 13,000 viewers) next to The Lawn, the crowd burst out in cheering.  Sullivan then came out on the steps of the Rotunda to the chants of “Terry! Terry! Terry!” to address the crowd, thanking everyone for their support and stressing the need for continued improvement ahead.  She led a singing of The Good Ol’ Song to close and everyone dispersed.  Meanwhile on Beta Bridge… the name of infamy had been emboldened:




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