I arrived back in Cville from a month-long hiatus to find a scandal of national-news proportion on the UVA grounds: the Board of Visitors of UVA has ousted President Sullivan.  This story even made the front page of the Washington Post.  There is a lot of speculation and secrecy surrounding what has happened and what will happen, and I’m still trying to catch up, so I won’t attempt to summarize the whole situation here.  Nevertheless, to no surprise I found that Beta Bridge was aware of the news:

Strategic Transparency Thx DU

—Update: a picture of this painting is on the Washington Post website!—

I believe “Strategic Transparency” is simultaneously a sardonic criticism of The Board for their lack of transparency and a play on one of the vague justifications for canning Sullivan — that she lacked “Strategic Vision.”  Side note: the painter(s) apparently did not realize the DU house is back in the hands of Beta.

On the east side, a call for action, to join the rally on the Lawn:


Unfortunately, I saw this too late and missed the rally, which reportedly had over 2,000 protestors present.  I find this impressive, especially given that it’s summer break and most students are not on grounds.  News vans were plastered all over the north side of the Rotunda to catch the protest action and sit in on the Board’s meeting:

You know it’s big action when there are news vans in front of the Rotunda. How can I get one of those parking passes?

Well I hope I didn’t miss too much more big action in the month I was gone.  Summer time is usually slow for pictures on the bridge, but maybe with the current controversy, this summer will be different.

Photographic note: my camera is sick, so these pictures were taken with my iPhone.  Hopefully it will get better soon!

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