Happy Holidaze

Today’s “holiday” is being celebrated by a comical painting on Beta Bridge:


The towel reminder and cartoon eyes are a reference to a South Park character named Towelie, who is a cannabis-smoking towel.


I noticed recently that the sidewalk on this side has a phone number requesting calls:

LOLZ 757-676-8976 420 YALL

I haven’t tried calling.  Anyone else?

On the east side, an ad for a Greek field day event:

Saturday, April 21st A-PHI & FIJI present APHIELD DAY Madbowl 11-3

And finally, a few close-ups of paint.  The drips at the very bottom are usually interesting because they don’t get thoroughly coated, so there are lots of colors:

Paint drips at the bottom of the wall.

The trusty old fire hydrant’s most recent paint job:

Fire hydrant on the west side.


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