It’s a great day

…to be a Thursday!

It's A great day TO BE A THURSDAY!

I would agree it’s been a pretty good Thursday, but it’s not clear to me what that has to do with selling lemonade, which is what’s happening at that stand on the north side:

"You want some lemonade?"

They were yelling at people they knew and probably at people they didn’t know, asking if they wanted lemonade.  Here was an ad for it on Twitter:

"come to my lemonade stand tomorrow at beta bridge from 7am-7pm!!! it's for a good cause #tshirts"

Along with a tweet skeptical about their intentions:

"there's girls on beta bridge selling lemonade... I bet it's poisoned

On the other side, an ad for Virginia Dance Company:

Virginia Dance Company PRESENTS #SpringShow2012 @Va_danceco Follow us on TWITTER sun. april 1st 3:00pm OCH ticketks $3 Thanx Beta

And the tweet from their twitter feed they advertised:

"Did you see our painting on beta bridge? Better go get your ticket on the lawn today for #SpringShow2012!! Only $3 for students!"


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