Love and Animosity

It’s that time of year again.  The time when Greek organizations (sororities) paint obligatory shout-outs (“love”) to their big sisters, little sisters, or whomever as a part of their induction rituals:

B. Rho Out! ΣΔT GAMMA CLASS! Big Sis Week THX 𝛃 Katharine NATALIE Ali Liz Brandy Julia Megan SaPIR Julia G. cara Ivy Ginnie. Alexandria KELSEY G. Sam X. GRACIE sarah ELLIE ♡ ALICIA MaryClaire AMY ♡

AΔπ loves OUR ALPHAS! ELIZABETH zoe Allison Michaela Janie ALEXA CAMMIE ANNIE DEVON GEMMA Katie Radhika Caitlin Lauren Amanda Julia T. Ruthie ABBEY CLAUDIA Lindsey Ashley JULIA P. KATHERINE Laura Caitlin Nikki Hannah Carrie Kimberly Tiffany Carli Alex Jenna Sheryl Rachel Sarah thx Beta♥

I’m pretty sure that should be “love our alphas” not “loves our alphas” if ADP is first person plural.  C’mon ladies, noun-verb agreement.

Meanwhile just down Rugby Rd…


Hunger only increases the animosity of the Living Wage campaign members, who are still protesting. They swooped in from the Rotunda across the street and onto the President’s office (the speaker said they were locked out).  The protesters reiterated their demands for a living wage for all UVA employees and started a chant:

Ain’t no power like the power of the people,

‘cuz the power of the people don’t stop!

I would say there were about 100 of them in all, which is the largest demonstration I’ve seen yet.  Is “Occupy Madison Hall” on its way?



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