Today, an ad for UVA’s main student volunteer organization, Madison House:

WWW.MADISONHOUSE.ORG SIGN UP ONLINE!! Volunteer with PLAY at Madison House! Sign up online WWW.MADISONHOUSE.ORG (or stop by!) --->

The arrow correctly indicates they they are indeed right next door to Beta, and thus the eponymous bridge.

In other news, the sidewalk looked particularly colorful and textured right here:

The sidewalk on the bridge, looking like some constantly evolving Jackson Pollack masterpiece.

Finally, I noticed I’m getting a few visitors coming over from Graffiti on Grounds, a site also dedicated to unsolicited art around UVA.  We have some pictures of the same things (stencils on Beta Bridge occasionally show up on that site), but it’s definitely focused on different things.  Check it out!


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