Seemingly without cause or reason, Pokemon showed up on Beta Bridge today.  They are now joining Winnie the Pooh, who over a lonely winter break of keeping vigil on the bridge, was preserved in this repaint.  My guess is that the Pooh painters and Pokemon painters are one in the same, based on the amount of artistic detail given to each.  As you can see in the later image, it is also signed by “Winnie the Pooh” and by Amy and Elizabeth (this time they brought their friend Valerie).  When I swung by in the morning it was only partially completed:

"Oh bother! They're back..." (brb... tmrw warmer)

I don’t blame them for getting frozen out, it was only 18F when I came by, so the overnight low must have been pretty frigid.  Here was the completed version in late afternoon:

AMY ELIZABETH VALERIE Thanks β "Oh bother! They're back..." Happy New Semester! -Winnie the Pooh

I believe that is a Pikachu, a Squirtle, and a Wigglypuff amongst some other Pokemon there, Pokeballs not to go unmentioned.    Apparently they are here to wish students a happy new semester.  I think this big’n might be my favorite:

I don't know what this thing's name is, but it's cool.

The east side of the bridge received a minor partial repaint of the recent proposal.  I assume this was done jokingly because not repainting the whole thing yourself lacks the impressiveness usually thought to be important for such an endeavor of chivalry.  Also the “Yes” box was unchecked and “Maybe” was checked instead:

Stacey, Will you Marry Me? ♥ She said: Yes No Maybe ✓


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