Both sides of the bridge today were partially repainted to cover up the recent USC markings.


On the west side, a can was left:

A leftover paint can.

The east side gets bitter, even covering up old birthday wishes to satisfy vengeance in a sports rivalry:


The strangest thing I saw today is the massive sand pile covering what looks like a paint spill.  Although, knowing what the bridge looked like yesterday, the new paint was surely laid to cover the USC markings on the sidewalk.  It’s unclear if the sand was laid by the painter, or by someone else.


Other small items of note today include this ditched paintbrush:

Ditched brush.

…this orange streak trailing from the east side:

A continuation of the orange paint streaked across the east side.

And finally, a close-up shot of some interesting paint:

Macro shot of some various paint layers showing through, which always create a unique and temporary palette.


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