The only new paint on the bridge today was someone (the original painter(s)?) updating the countdown on the Pooh painting from 5 days to 3 left until the end of finals.  Let’s see if it goes to 2 tomorrow.

Instead of a bridge picture, I took pictures of some other paint nearby, such as this stencil of The Corner Cop:


This is made from the same stencil that produced this painting, which was over near Elliewood (but is now covered).  Although this one was adulterated with a Hitler ‘stache (obviously done with different paint from the original).

I’ve also been meaning to take a picture of this tree near Beta Bridge on Rugby Road for some time, so I went ahead and did that today:

Speaking of paint on vertical pieces of wood nearby, while I was up on the sidewalk there I noticed someone had been painting more telephone poles and trees:

Painted pole with Beta Bridge in the background.

Finally, since many things tend to come in threes, I saw this tree just down University Way from Beta Bridge:


It says “look” with an arrow pointing up, but I looked and there was really nothing up there besides branches.


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