No new paint

Allow me to put any rumors to rest: no new painting of Beta Bridge has been done in connection with the recent events at VT in Blacksburg.  Because of cold/wet weather and finals, there have been no new paintings this week.  It’s still the gift wrap on the west side, and HIV/AIDS awareness on the east.  However, there has been much talk about the VT incident on Twitter (and undoubtedly elsewhere), leading to speculation that the bridge had been repainted:

Talk about the recent VT shootings

Note that there are more tweets than I can show here.  The acknowledgement is that the painting displayed in the links (taken by someone in 2007, before I started this site) is from the original VT incident.  Here is the image from 2007 that’s been shared:

HOOS FOR HOKIES (not my picture)

The idea is that UVA students are in solidarity with the VT community, despite any rivalry.


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