Don’t Hate…

Mediate!  That’s the slogan for UVA’s mediation services:


In other news nearby, there has been some uproar about the plan to take down some ~100 year-old magnolia trees next the Rotunda.  Work to fix the Rotunda’s roof requires lots of scaffolding and the scaffolding requires that the trees be removed.  I really hate to see old trees taken down around grounds (like the ones near Brown College and Brown library), or anywhere else, but I think that this is understandable.  To me it sounds like: do you want to keep the trees, or do you want to keep the Rotunda?  I would be pleased if they pledged to plant a bunch of new trees somewhere else on grounds.  You can decide for yourself.  Some material on the matter:  UVA blog about the announcement, Cavalier Daily article about the petition, and coverage in the Daily Progress.  As noted in some of the articles, there is already a Facebook Community, Group, and Event about this.  Here is the official petition, which, at the time of writing already has over 3,000 signatures.

In commemoration of the trees, I took a few photos today:

A gnarly old magnolia branch next to the Rotunda, with lichen to boot.

To those who say the Rotunda just wouldn’t look right without them, notice that the southeast magnolia is already gone. (Does anyone know when this one was taken down?)

Puddles leftover after this morning's rain.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the opposition painted the bridge about this. (hint!)


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