No more wars, no more walls

I’ve been out of town for the last 5 days, so I missed a few paintings, but I found the west side has been taken over by an interesting project: “DoDeutsch”

DoDeutsch: Beta Bridge Project

This is part of a German culture awareness event series, where they have painted this side of the bridge to emulate the East Side Gallery in Berlin (interesting that they then decided to paint the west side of the bridge, not the east side), a remaining segment of die Mauer (the Berlin Wall) which is covered in art, anti-war slogans, and more.  Here is one really cool site where you can explore a quasi-3D recreation of the wall, à la Google Street View.  The painters made a bold attempt to keep this side from being repainted all week.  We’ll see how that works out…

DoDeutsch Project: Do NOT Paint

Early in the day I couldn’t get a full shot of this side, because Charlottesville Public Utilities was parked in front:

And a couple of their workers were checking out the bridge.  I hope they aren’t planning on going all Reagan on it (“Tear down this wall!”):

Public Utilities workers

Later on in the day, they were gone and I got a view of the full shabang:


On the east side, an ad for a “body positive vigil”:

PeRfect ILLusions Body Positive Vigil Share your story Show support Wednesday Nov 2nd 7pm Kaleidoscope Newcomb

And don’t forget today is Halloween.  There were tons of kids along Rugby Road heading either towards or away from the trick-or-treating on The Lawn.  Here, a little fairy at Beta Bridge:

I stopped by The Lawn quickly to check out the scene.  It was pretty crazy over there with all the kids, parents, and students.  Here were some students dressed up as Leif Erikson and a band of vikings (note Oct 9th was Leif Erikson Day):

So many vikings...

This guy had quite the awesome beard:

I think he has an admirer

Interestingly, this seems to be related to the group I saw two years ago on Rugby Road for Halloween:

Vikings on Rugby Rd for Halloween 2009


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