Proud to Be Out Week

Last night’s late paintings were still up this morning, including the highly colorful QSU ad on the west side:

THANKS BETA QSU LGBTRC EVERYONE IS GAY 10-27 7PM NAU 101 LOVE is Love Presentation ♥ PROUD To Be OUT :) WEEK! Phys 203 Bringing Out The Bully Wednesday @ 7pm DRAG BINGO UVA HAS PRIDE! 10/28 !!! 8-10 Alumni HALL

Not really sure what this part means… as in, the old-fashioned meaning of ‘gay’ — happy?


On the east side, a morning shot:

THX BETA CHI-O 123 Chancellor Street!! Fall FestivaL! Benefiting Make-A-Wish Friday, Oct. 28 2 to 5 Band! Chili! CIDER!

I will usually take a picture of the east side in the morning even though it is typically ill-advised photographically to shoot toward the sun (unless you are trying to do something specific, like silhouettes).  I do it for a couple reasons: 1) it could result in an interesting ‘backlit’ style if the light is just right or 2) it might be painted over already by the next time I pass the bridge.  Here’s the afternoon version (note the sun is behind me):


Update: the east side was just starting to be repainted close to midnight.








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