Teach for America

Caught this one mid-paint, which is somewhat uncommon for the middle of the day (since the painting usually occurs either very late or very early — I’ve heard that despite how frequent and harmless the tradition seems, it is still technically illegal).


As one could have guessed, the completed version of the above is another Teach for America ad, which comes around every once and a while.

THX BETA TEACH FOR AMERICA application deadline Oct. 26 MAKE an impact (MAKE) history. Start your application! deadline this Wednesday http://www.teachforamerica.org/apply


Update (10/24):  Cruised by the bridge late at night and saw it was that fabulous time of the year again:

WEEK! Bringing Out The Bully Wednesday @ 7pm DRAG BINGO 10/28 !!! 8-10 Alumni HALL M^2 SOR QUAA UVA HAS PRIDE!

Yes, you read that correctly, it says Drag Bingo.

On the east side, a Greek charity event.  This drunkardly boy in a big floppy hat seemed to enjoy the Drag Bingo painting:

THX BETA CHI-O Fall FestivaL! Benefiting Make-A-Wish Friday, Oct 28 2 to 5 Band! Chili! CIDER!



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