A partial repaint of the west side today left yesterday’s benefit ad intact.   Although, I was thinking about that one:  shouldn’t it be Pancakes Against Parkinson’s?  Afterall, we’re not trying to support Parkinson’s Disease, but rather research to fight it, but I guess that’s implied.  The other interpretation could be a Cash4Gold type model.  That is, you have gold and you get cash.  Hopefully this is not similar — you have pancakes and you get Parkinson’s… anyway, the new stuff:

(new text only:) ♡BOSTON + BLACK VOICES GOSPEL CHOIR CONCERT 10/28 7pm Newcomb Ballroom Praise GOD!!! SHAKY HANDS 1508 GRADY AVE Octoberphest ΦΔΘ/ΠBΦ MUSIC - Phood - Phun --> Today Phriday: Phi/etoNine ΦΔΘ ΠBΦ SUPPORT LITERACY :) THX Beta

Note the clever use of replacing the letter F with PH since there are two Greek Phi organizations supporting this.  Interesting that Pi Beta Phi bills itself not as a sorority, but as a “fraternity for women.”

Also note that in orange spray paint there appears to be a cartoon toilet with a face reminiscent of Squidward (from SpongeBob Squarepants).


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