The Guardians of Beta Bridge

No new paint on the bridge today, but a few selections of goings-on:

I just found this CavDaily article describing the tradition of writing “THX DU” and now “THX BETA” when new paintings are made.  I have mentioned this practice several times before based on stories I had heard, observation of the bridge, and pure speculation.  The article doesn’t tell the full DU/Beta story, but recounts the recent changing of the guard since Beta’s return.  Interestingly, it explains the dragon seen recently.

In keeping with the idea that I will post other painting activity in the near vicinity, I spotted this yesterday:

For those unfamiliar, the Z’s of the secret Z society are all normally black or white (this one is usually white).  I don’t come through this part of grounds that often, so I don’t know how long it’s been this way, but it’s new to me.  Also seen here, the Steak Me Home Tonight truck from UVA’s new Street Eats program (I haven’t eaten at one of the trucks yet, but it seems like a good idea).

In other news, the traffic on this site has gone way up!  I think that has to do the Dean of Students making a tweet about my site:

With plenty of retweets, including a retweet from the official UVA account:

I wanted to put a twitter feed of searches matching “Beta Bridge” on here, but WordPress doesn’t allow javascript (grrr…).  Even a mention on Tumblr:

Thanks to those who visited, I hope you enjoy it!

Final note for the day, RIP Steve Jobs, the man who redefined the coolness of expensive electronic gadgets:


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