Kristin’s Story

Ad for an event covering touchy subjects: rape, depression, and domestic violence.  Check out Kristin’s Story here.

SAPA, 1 in 4, AXO & Tri Delt presents Kristin's Story! Wed. Oct 5 Maury 209 @ 8pm October is domestic violence awareness month

Grammar police: that should be “present” not “presents” since the subject is plural.

Side note: I was thinking, “Isn’t October already Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  How is it also Domestic Violence Awareness Month?”  Apparently there are no rules for dibs on designating a month — October also happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Dwarfism Awareness Month, Polish American Awareness Month, National Dental Hygiene Month, 3D Ultrasound Awareness Month, and many many more.  See a longer list here.

Final note: is it a coincidence that the Kristin’s Story painting was done directly overtop of the Happy Birthday Kristin painting last week?


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