Palestine is back

As I was coming home tonight, I saw supporters of Palestine came back to correct the bridge so I had to stop and take a picture even though it was dark:


While I was taking the long exposure I heard intoxicated passersby:

What does it say?
‘Palestine deserves a state’
I mean, I guess so, but where the f— would they put it?!

Touché, sir.  There were also a few students telling the lore of Beta Bridge, that it gets painted “every week.”  I can tell you my friends, it’s usually more often than that.

As I was taking the picture, one guy stopped and asked me if I painted it.  I said no, I just have some website where I post pictures of the bridge almost daily.  He said he took a class over the summer on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it was one of the most interesting classes he’s ever taken at UVA.  He summed up what he learned from the class in two points:

  • The Palestinians got screwed
  • It’s complicated
I guess if Israel and Palestine were in a relationship on Facebook, that would be their status.
Also of note, it looked like this site went viral yesterday! (Relatively, at least.)  When I was making my post last night around 10pm, I saw the stats:

Over 100 hits!

I know all those other days that weren’t yesterday look pretty miserable, but well, that’s how it is! Usually only a couple people will visit per day, so you can see why it’s a big deal when that turns into a few hundred in only a couple hours.  Here it was at midnight:

Over 300!

Also I’m aware that 300 visits is lame for a “real” website, but it’s meaningful to me that somehow a lot of people found this and hopefully got 2 seconds of enjoyment out of it, because I feel like these posts usually go off into space and never get seen.  So thanks to anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy the (almost) daily pictures of Beta Bridge!


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