Rotunda Vandalism?

No new paintings on Beta Bridge.  It’s been pretty quiet at the end of the summer… with the exception of this:

Is that a 1 on top of the Rotunda?

I decided I would start posting photos of any graffiti I found within a one mile radius of the bridge, and this seemed worthy of attention.  It looks like someone painted a “1” on the top of the Rotunda dome. At first I thought it was some kind of plastic covering for the renovations they are doing to the building, but upon seeing the police gathering, I’m not so sure.  I imagine the scaffolding already in place provided easy access to some pranksters.  But who would do this?  Does it mean anything that it’s red?  Maryland?

And what is this, MIT now?  (totally stole UVA’s Rotunda)

R2D2 prank on MIT's rotunda

I’ll keep my eye out for further coverage…


UPDATE (Aug. 8):  false alarm!  Turns out this is just part of the renovations and nobody painted the Rotunda.  I brought out my telephoto lens and it’s clear this red plastic is definitely a temporary patch on the roof repairs:

You can actually see the brick that makes up the Rotunda dome!


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