Today is the first anniversary of the murder of Yeardley Love and both sides of the bridge are painted in her memory:

♡ yeardley reynolds love ♡ May 3, 2010

And on the east side:

ONE LOVE We ♡ you yeardley! 5.3.10 ONE LOVE

I find it interesting that when I start typing “year” into a Google search box, the first result is Yeardley Love:

This is probably related to the fact that Google knows my location based on my IP address, so I wonder if this is true in other areas away from Charlottesville (but I don’t feel like going to the trouble of masking my IP).  Also, I noticed there is a Wikipedia page related to the murder.  Is this weird? Is there a Wikipedia page for every murder case in the nation?  Probably not.

Finally, check out the page for the foundation:



Update: Later on in the day there was a local news crew on the scene, with the breaking news that the bridge was painted.  In the online story they note:

Some students walking by have stopped and paused for a minute, others have taken pictures.

Me??  Maybe, but I did see other people take pictures, as they were with the American flag/Bin Laden painting the day before.

Julie Bercik on the scene!


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