Two fresh bridge paintings today are (I think) meant to reflect the recent news that a team of US forces killed Osama Bin Laden. Strangely, the paintings don’t state that directly, but are instead full of confusing failed puns, incorrect math, and yes, even “poo pantz”.  Take for example PAX(istan) Americana.  What is that supposed to mean?  That there will be peace in Pakistan (where Bin Laden was killed, and where the US carries out military operations but has somehow not started a war yet) because of America’s military power?  There are so many mixed up ideas in that, I can’t even get into it.  But anyway, here are the paintings:

All good men who fight, fight for peace -mt 1+1=unity thx troops PAX(istan) Americana NYPD|FDNY GOD BLESS (not foxfield cops) “There’s No Finals, ONLY AMERICA” -Maggie W. I ♥ you (poo pantz) USA thx Beta

And on the west side, does that say Mercedes=LUV?

karma police swaz is innocent whodun it?? -UNITY✡ wahoo fuck’n WA! ✇=LUV

As a side note, these overnight paintings covered some other ones I didn’t get pictures of yet but saw:  a Yeardley Love painting on the east side which covered the Tommy Gilliam message (coincidence?) and something less memorable on the west side.


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