Greek Love Pt. 5/Return of Beta

More greek love for some new sorority:


And, there is now a sign on the DU house saying Beta, the namesake of Beta Bridge, is returning home:

Beta Returns Home - 2011

DU was looking rather condemned for the last year or so and I wondered what had happened.  The legend I heard about DU/Beta many years back was something like this:  in a series of escalating frat pranks Beta (inadvertently?) burned down DU’s house, and subsequently had to relinquish their own house to DU as a substitute.  Beta was relegated to the JPA area on Maury, and DU presided over Beta Bridge.  Supposedly the reason why every bridge painting had somewhere on it “THX DU” was that if you didn’t, the brothers would come out of their house and paint over what you had made (see an example of “THX DU” here).  But since DU has been closed, I haven’t seen the thx in a while.  Beta Bridge never turned into DU Bridge (alliteration always wins out), but the question is, now that it is Beta’s bridge again, will painters in 2011 have to write “THX BETA”?

Note: if you have a better, more accurate, or more entertaining version of the above DU/Beta saga, please write me or submit it as a comment below.


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