Unintentional art

The pictures I post are usually panoramas made up of 8-12 images stitched together in Photoshop, a process that is typically pretty straightforward.  However when I first tried to Photomerge today’s images I somehow ended up with this:

psychedelic, man

I don’t know how this happened, but my only guess is that it’s related to the program trying to automatically blend exposures that were vastly different, somehow resulting in whacked out exposure and colors for each photo.  A nice unintentional result, especially considering I tried again and the “actual” picture looks something more like this:

Phi Sigma Pi co-ed honor frat OPEN*RUSH Mon. 1/31 6-8 pm RUNK Grn Rm + Wed 2/2 8-10 pm S.A.B. hoosinpsp.com

Which is pretty bland and boring, because it’s winter and I was shooting into the sun.

Today the west side features an ad for teacher slave labor:



2 responses to “Unintentional art

  1. You do understand that TFA members get paid? They get paid as much as any other first year teacher. Granted, it’s not enough… but to say the only way you can say that TFA is teacher slave labor is if you consider all first year teachers slave labor.

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