Tab Challenge

Why do they only collect the tabs?  If these are for recycling, wouldn’t you have a lot more aluminum if you kept the whole can?  Are they for something besides aluminum recycling?


$200/$50 PRIZES ADPI's POP TAB CHALLENGE! benefits Ronald McDonald House! on the lawn ALL week

A little research indicates that the tab is pure aluminum, whereas the rest of the can has paint and maybe coatings on it so the tabs are more valuable by the pound…but at 40 cents a pound, not that valuable!  And if it takes 1,267 tabs to make one pound…think of all those sodas (or beers).  At 50 cents each — let’s just say for argument’s sake those were Coca-Colas (the beverage sold at McDonald’s world-wide) — that’s $633.50 in revenue for Coke.  But if $633.50 were instead donated directly to Ronald McDonald House, the intended “charity” organization, that would be a 158,375% increase in donation amount!!  Oh but I’m sure that McDonald’s isn’t interested in increased sales for their partners…right?  Why do things like this happen?  In my estimation, because American consumerism is dogma.

Enough on the soap box.  The other side had something barely legible about Research Week, whatever that is:


Research Week


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